Information for App Developers

You are viewing content from J1 Radio / J1ラジオ Michi-FM. Would you like to make this your preferred location?

Thank you for considering placing the J1 Radio streams on your mobile apps or websites.  Every listener counts at J1, therefore we do encourage our stations having as much presence as possible.  

HTTPS streams

These streams go through a HTTPS proxy and therefore compatible with Google Chrome and any other software or device that requires a secure HTTPS stream source:

Channel 128K 44 kHz MP3
Delmarva FM

HTTP alternate streams

These streams are for devices that are unable to accept a secure HTTPS stream source.

Channel 128K 44 kHz MP3
Delmarva FM

Please note that if you use these URLs, you will need to change them if our service provider changes or our existing service provider needs to make changes so please make sure you follow us on Facebook or consult here occasionally in order to determine whether the feeds have changed.

Descriptions of streams

J1 HITS Japan's Hottest Hits.  Playing today's hits heard on Japanese FM radio.
J1 XTRA Playing the hits from the Heisei era (1989~2019), which was truly the JPOP generation.
J1 GOLD Memories from the Showa era with Japan's greatest hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s. 
Delmarva FM Compelling talk and great music from the Delmarva Peninsula.

NOTE: Delmarva FM has its own website at  

Approved Station Images

Permission is granted to use images as a station logo in a directory.  Permission is denied to use these images as the main app icon.  For full size image, right click and use "save as":


J1 HD Los Angeles

At this time, J1 HD is exclusive to our mobile app and REC managed players and is not available for third party apps.

Ad Insertion

Mobile ads are annoying, we hate them.  That's why J1's official app does not have ads, but we understand the need for third party apps to use ads.  The only type of advertising we do not authorize is in-stream insertion (station is interrupted periodically to play an audio ad) or any type of ad that stops the stream and requires the user to click on an ad element to continue listening. 

Notice about using J1's name and marks

REC/J1 does not have an issue with the stations being bundled in a app with other stations such as a "Japanese radio stations" app.  However, we will not permit any app to use the J1 name, the names of any of our channels, use the J1 channel or be configured or marketed in any way, where at first glance, it can be mistaken for the official J1 mobile app.  This especially means using "J1" in the name of the app.  REC Networks reserves the right to protect our intellectual property. Any ad-supported mobile app must also be bundled with other stations not a part of J1/REC.  Violating apps are subject to takedown demands.  

Again, thank you for your interest in carrying J1 on your app or website!

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"Alexa, play the station J 1 Hits on TuneIn."
"Alexa, play J1 HD Radio."
"Alexa, play J1 Gold on TuneIn."
"Alexa, play Delmarva F M on TuneIn."