J1 Radio Frequently Asked Questions

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What is J1 Radio?

J1 Radio is an internet radio station and terrestrial broadcast service which provides provides mainly Japanese popular music on multiple audio channels.  J1 currently has four channels:

  • J1 HITS: Current chart hits from Japan as well as recent hits from the Reiwa period (2019~today).
  • J1 XTRA: Songs from the Heisei period (1989~2019), which we refer to as the "J POP generation".
  • J1 GOLD: Songs from the later part of the Showa period (1950s~1989).
  • J1 HD: J1's terrestrial radio broadcast, which is a mix of different Japanese subgenres with a strong focus on fun and upbeat songs from the Heisei period and today.

How can I advertise on J1?

J1 Radio (the internet streams and HD) are considered noncommercial educational.  This means, we are unable to accept traditional advertising from for-profit entities to promote products and services.  For those who listen to J1 HD, we suggest instead to support our host station KBUU-LP Radio Malibu.  We may be providing opportunities in the future that would permit the underwriting of J1HD in a manner that complies with Federal Communications Commission regulations and policies. 

Can I play J1 Radio in my place of business?

This depends on your country's public performance laws.  In the USA, while there is a statutory exemption for businesses to be able to have a radio or TV turned on and that the audio is not sent through a speaker system, this exemption does not extend to audio that is received via a computer.  In order to play J1 Radio in  your business, you will need to obtain a license from ASCAP.  ASCAP does have a reciprocal agreement with JASRAC, the Japanese performing rights organization.  In Canada, a public performance license can be obtained through Entandem.  In Japan, you must have a background music (BGM) license from JASRAC.

For those who can pick up the J1 HD broadcast over the radio, you may play the radio station in your place of business over the radio's built in speakers.  Piping the station over a speaker system may require a license from ASCAP.

Can I take the feed of J1 Radio and play it over a terrestrial radio station?

Our channels (HITS, XTRA, GOLD) may include materials, such as ID jingles, that have not been cleared for terrestrial broadcast in your area.  If you are interested in having J1 programming on your local radio station such as on a part-time basis or as an HD subchannel, please contact REC Networks.  J1 Radio provides a noncommercial educational service (J1HD) that is more suitable for radio rebroadcast.

Can I place J1 Radio's audio on a very low power broadcast transmitter for the purpose of personal listening?

Yes you can.  The US copyright laws only deal with public performances and not performances that are only shared with your family and circle of friends.  In the USA, such transmitter use is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.  For more information, see the Unlicensed Devices page at REC Networks

Can I include the J1 Radio channels on a mobile app I am developing?

We are OK with that as long as the app is not for the sole purpose of carrying the J1 channels, nor can "J1" be placed in the app name.  Examples of acceptable uses include a Japanese radio app which also includes competing streams (such as Japan-A-Radio, JPOP Powerplay, etc.) and language learning apps.  Apps that monetize the stream, such as pre-roll announcements before the stream plays or advertising insertion that interrupts the stream are not authorized.  You may carry banner ads as long as they don't interrupt the stream.  

Can I link directly to a J1 audio stream channel from my website?

That is not permitted under our licensing with SOCAN.  Instead, you can link to the main j1fm.tokyo website or you can link to rec.torontocast.stream/player

Can I hear J1 Radio on a radio somewhere?

Yes. With an HD Radio, you can listen to J1 HD over the radio in Malibu, CA on 99.1 HD3 via KBUU-LP. It may also be possible to be heard on the western facing beaches in Los Angeles.

Why can't I find a streaming URL for J1HD?

J1HD is an exclusive offering for those listening over the radio, our official mobile app and Roku channel.  We may change this in the future, but for now, its a reason to check out the official J1 Mobile App.

When will J1HD be available on Tunein or on Alexa?

Unfortunately, TuneIn has not been adding new audio streams to their service. We currently have three TuneIn channels allotted to us which are used for HITS, XTRA and GOLD.  Adding J1HD would mean taking one of those channels away from TuneIn and Alexa.  

I am trying to listen to J1 in the United Kingdom and it will not play.  What can I do?

If you are trying to listen to J1 Radio using the tunein.com website, the TuneIn mobile app or through Amazon Alexa, the stations are blocked in the United Kingdom, as many foreign audio streams due to UK music licensing issues.  You can still listen from the J1 Radio website and the official J1 Mobile App.

Why does it happen where a song is playing on a J1 channel and the title showing on the website or app is totally different?

All J1 channels are live transmissions.  In the event that the link from J1 to the streaming server is lost, a backup system is in place that will play music until the live link is restored.  During this time, titles to the J1 website and mobile app will not be sent to be shown.

Why can't I see the title and artist name on my HD Radio when a song plays? (J1HD)

We are working with our HD Radio equipment manufacturer to get title data to your radio.  This is a priority here at J1.

I thought the J1 mobile app was ad-free.  Why am I seeing ads?

Please make sure you have downloaded the official J1 mobile app.  There are third-party apps that are improperly using the J1 name.  Only the J1 app that is released by REC Networks (for Android) and Riverton Radio Project (for iOS) are authorized to use the J1 name and are ad free. On the J1 app, we use our ad space for delivering information such as weather, news and train delays.  Occasionally, you may see a cross-promotion to another J1 or REC service.




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