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  • Meditation as architecture at a Shizuoka teahouse turned villa

    The quietude at Numazu Club is its biggest selling point. Even when the sliding doors of a guest room at the villa are wide open, there’s only the faint rustle of pine trees in the breeze and the odd splash of a few birds enjoying the spring water of a shallow garden pool.

  • Gaming's latest culture war targets Yasuke, Japan's Black samurai

    For centuries, an African slave who entered the orbit of war-torn Japan’s leading daimyo was an interesting historical tidbit. As of last week, he became the catalyst for the latest in the so-called culture wars.

  • Get started on your at-home garden before the summer hits

    Though many residences in Tokyo, Osaka and other Japanese cities are too small to have your own 庭 (niwa, garden), that doesn’t mean 園芸 (engei, gardening) is an impossible feat.

  • Want to be a voice actor? Stay 'true to the character'

    Before SungWon Cho was a celebrated voice actor, he used to write radio plays, do voices for video game and anime characters and “post stuff online” under his internet moniker, ProZD.

  • Massimo Bottura: 'The Japanese let ingredients express themselves'

    Founded on the concepts of shun (seasonality) and omotenashi (hospitality), Japanese cuisine is one of the world’s most prominent culinary traditions.

  • A new initiative rethinks old Tohoku crafts

    This month, a new initiative aimed at revitalizing Japanese crafts launches in Tokyo with a showcase of collaborations between international designers and regional industries. Craft x Tech — spearheaded by Hideki Yoshimoto, founder of the engineering design studio Tangent — focuses on the versatility of traditional crafts and their potential to evolve with innovative design and advanced technology.

  • Unraveling the Japanese prose of Yukio Mishima

    Even before 三島由紀夫 (Mishima Yukio, Yukio Mishima) committed 切腹 (seppuku), a ritual samurai suicide rite that involved disemboweling himself with a katana before being beheaded by his co-conspirators, on Nov. 25, 1970, he had already secured his place in infamy.

  • Baby J’s hits a home run with its fried chicken sandwich

    “It’s coming along ... it’s looking good.” Jerry “JJ” Jaksich sounds as positive as always. He’s appraising the embryonic greenery outside his restaurant in Meiji Park. But he could just as well be talking about Baby J’s, his newly launched California fried chicken operation.

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